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Local 084 - Continuing Care Separate Employers Central/South


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Local contacts


Teusdae Johnston

Vice Chair

Jennifer Dussome


Sabrina Edwards


Raquel Feliciano

Provincial Executive (PE) Rep

Ruth MacDonald

Alternate PE Rep

Diane L Morin

OHS Liaison

Sheila Mangwe

Staff advisor

Prachi Mishra

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Collective Agreements

Download the Local 084/021 (previously 048/017) Brenda Strafford Foundation - Clifton Manor Collective Agreement

Expires March 31, 2019 New LoU's re: Layoff and Recall (Signed Nov 6th, 2020)

Download the Local 084/024 (previously 048/011) Chantelle Mgmt. Edith Cavell Collective Agreement

Expires November 30, 2020 *Salary schedule updated to reflect 2019 Wage Re-opener