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Time for Action Rallies - All details

Committee contacts


Guy Smith

Executive Secretary Treasurer

Justin Huseby

Vice President

Darren Graham

Vice President

James Gault

Vice President

Curtis Jackson

Vice President

Bonnie Gostola

Vice President

Bobby-Joe Borodey

Vice President

Sandra Azocar

Committee news

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Duties of the Executive Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Executive Committee as follows:

The Executive Committee shall be responsible:

  1. to set the mandate for negotiations for all staff Collective Agreements;
  2. to ratify all staff tentative Agreements;
  3. to approve any employment contracts not covered by staff Collective Agreements. Such contracts will not contain confidentiality clauses to allow for full disclosure;
  4. from time to time, by resolution, establish, merge, amalgamate, dissolve or divide Chapters, Locals and Area Councils in accordance with the criteria set out by the Provincial Executive and may assign a jurisdiction and assign membership to Locals, Chapters and Area Councils thus established; and
  5. to carry out all of the duties delegated to the Executive Committee by the Constitution.

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