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AUPE members participate in an info-picket in 2019, marching together and holding signs which say "fighting for public health care," "proud of my job; ashamed of the government," "attack our wage feel our rage," and "solidarity!" Some are also holding AUPE flags.

Premier Kenney and his cabinet are back at it, scrambling to rewrite the law and ram bills through the legislature. In the last five months, they dropped Bill 1 and Bill 32.

These are meant to silence opposition to leaders who push unfair and dangerous decisions. But AUPE members won’t be silenced, and we won’t back down.

Join the fight today!

Protect Disability Services

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AUPE members are organizing during the pandemic.

Edmonton and Calgary staff who care for over 200 Albertans with disabilities are mobilizing to save some of the last remaining publicly owned and operated Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) homes.

Sign the petition to protect disability services and find out how you can help.

Save Advanced Education

Save Advanced Education

The UCP are gutting post-secondary funding, raising tuition and forcing Alberta's prized learning institutions to sell out to corporate interests.

The move has resulted in hundreds of layoffs for AUPE support staff, who are fighting back.

Find out what members are doing and learn more about the campaign.