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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

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Time for Action Town Halls

2024 Bargaining Town Halls

Time for Action bargaining town halls are coming to you, and all members are invited. 

We must support each other in our collective struggles for better wages, job security, and working conditions. The time to prepare for action is now. 

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Take action NOW to support Alberta's wildland firefighters

Graphic of an orange flame with text that reads "Alberta's wildland firefighters need your help now!"

Alberta government is playing with fire and risking lives.

Save post-secondary bargaining petition

Save Post Secondary Bargaining 2024 Hero

AUPE members working in post-secondary deserve to bargain fairly with their employers, but the Government of Alberta is getting in the way. Help us fight for fair collective bargaining!

Read more and sign the petition 

We need action NOW! Fix short-staffing in Alberta's public services.

Blurred blue-scale image showing a crowd of people, some with raised fists, some holding signs

The public services Albertans rely on are in dire need of help. The new provincial government must end the strain on sectors like wildfire fighting, social services, health care, and education.

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Working short

working short png

AUPE members have been reporting an increasing number of issues with working short and unmanageable workloads across all sectors. Your voice has been heard, and our Provincial Executive has established a Working Short/Workload Campaign (WSWC) Sub-Committee to give you more avenues for sharing your experiences and tackling these concerns.

Read more on the working short crisis and how you can get involved