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Support Public Services

AUPE members know the value of public services. We also know that we need to support public services now more than ever. This web page has three ways for AUPE members to get involved and show support for working Albertans and the public services we provide.

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Your Local Executive members will also share Local-specific documents on the Local landing pages, and some documents and forms will only be accessible when logged in to your MyAUPE. You don't want to miss out.

If you don't have an account already, don't wait! You will need to be logged in to your MyAUPE account as a member in order to access the face mask/lawn sign request form, below.

Request your free mask and lawn sign!

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Face mask

AUPE members take enormous pride in our work and we are dedicated to providing high quality public services to all Albertans.

We also take great pride in our AUPE membership!

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Lawn sign

AUPE members now have two new ways to share that pride.

AUPE members can now request one (1) free branded mask* and lawn sign.

Hurry!—there are limited quantities of each available.


*Some members are experiencing problems with the free AUPE face masks, and we are working hard to resolve those problems. We ask your patience while we seek the best solution so that each member can make use of their free, union-made in Canada face mask.


Sign in to your MyAUPE account:

AUPE members:

Request a mask and/or lawn sign (ensure you are signed in to your MyAUPE account).


Request a lawn sign.

Thank you!

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Thank you for joining AUPE's campaign to support public services!

Our staff is working hard to ensure that as soon as possible you receive the face mask and/or lawn sign that you requested. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, your delivery may take longer than initially expected. We ask for your patience and solidarity.

Join the fight for public services!

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Are you ready to stand up for public services? Are you ready to fight back and stop the UCP government’s heartless cuts?

Sign up to join the fight. We will let you know about volunteer opportunities and protests happening near you!