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Time for Action Rallies - All details

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What the government is doing

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Over 82,000 AUPE members are bargaining for new contracts in 2024. This includes members working for post-secondary institutions (PSIs).

Unfortunately, the Alberta government makes bargaining more difficult than it needs to be thanks to the Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office (PBCO).

The Alberta government created the PBCO to enforce its agenda in negotiations across the province, including for post-secondary institutions. The PBCO interferes with a negotiating team’s ability to engage in fair bargaining.

For example, the PBCO forces our employers to not offer us good wage increases, including very low increases or even cuts.

AUPE members working for the University of Calgary march for respect and fair wages.

The government is also reducing their investments in post-secondary education. This increases the burden on students, whose fees and tuition are relied on for operational budgets. The government’s lack of funding also impacts an institution’s ability to treat their employees fairly.

Your bargaining teams want to negotiate fair wage and benefit increases in this round of bargaining, but we need your support. We must all send an overwhelming message to the government demanding they stop interfering in our negotiations.

Take action today. Sign the petition!

Sign the petition to keep the Alberta government out of bargaining

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Sign and share our petition to keep the Alberta government out of post-secondary bargaining.