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Shepherd’s Care Greenfield: Workers are protected during the move

Workers who move will retain full seniority, accumulated vacation, everything else.

Jun 30, 2022

Member Update Shepherd’s Care Greenfield—Local 47, Chapter 19

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As you have heard by now, Shepherd’s Care Foundation is closing their Greenfield site due to the building’s age and lack of adequate facilities.

It’s never easy to hear that your worksite is shutting its doors, but your union has your back. We have signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) with the employer, which guarantees all permanent staff (full time and part time) will be able to continue their work at Shepherd’s Care, if they choose to do so. We made sure that all of your rights are respected.

When Greenfield shuts its doors, which is estimated to be in Jan. 2023, residents will be moved to the newly-renovated fourth floor of the Shepherd’s Care Vanguard location. Any worker who wants to continue working for Shepherd’s Care can also be transferred there.

If you accept the transfer, you will retain your vacation accruals, seniority, benefits, and sick leave. The employer will not treat you as a new worker, so any benefits you have accumulated from long service will stay yours.

If you decline the transfer, you will be laid off and receive severance based on Article 27 of the collective agreement. The amount of severance you receive would be based on the number of years you worked at Greenfield.

Some of our co-workers have asked whether it would be possible to apply at vacant positions at other Shepherd’s Care sites other than Vanguard. We are currently in talks with the employer about this question, and will keep you informed as soon as we have information.

We have attached a copy of the full LOU for you to read and cite as necessary. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Membership Services Officer, Debbie Kirkpatrick, at


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