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Emcon: We are making progress on standby and wage increase issues

Update for Local 118 Chapters 024, 025, 026, 027, EMCON

Sep 11, 2023

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Your negotiating team is actively working to resolve two issues that have emanated from the employer’s interpretation of the collective agreement. We disagree with their interpretation of the language relating to standby and percentage of wage increases, we are aware of the disputes around these matters and we are making progress with the employer in both areas.


After meeting with the employer, the parties agreed on the following, regarding standby:

  • The employer will advise an employee of their standby status for the weekend, no later than noon on Thursday.
  • Each shop will have a standing rotating list of employees who have volunteered to be available for standby.
  • Communication from an Emcon supervisory employee that indicates that an employee is to “be ready” or “not be surprised” if they are called, will be considered designation for standby status.

Unfortunately, the parties have not found consensus on the important matter of whether standby, once designated, must be in effect for both Saturday and Sunday. Your negotiating team strongly disagrees with the employer’s position that they have the discretion to assign standby status for one or both days.

While we have had productive discussions with the employer on this outstanding item and are confident that we will have further meaningful discussions, we are prepared to take the necessary action to contest the employer’s interpretation of the agreement if no settlement is reached within a reasonable time.

Wage Increases

Your negotiating team is also actively pursuing vigorous discussions with the employer about our disagreement regarding the way in which the wage increase formula is supposed to be implemented and the resulting percentage increase that we consider should be greater than the one given by the employer.

Again, we feel that progress may be possible on this issue and we are committed to taking all appropriate action required if discussions break down.

We are grateful to the active and engaged membership who help ensure that Emcon honours the commitments of the collective agreement. If you have questions about this update, please contact a member of the negotiating team. For other inquiries, contact our resource staff through our Member Resource Centre at


Mike Brouwer

Jason Fandrich

Jason MacLeod or 587-201-5094

Bernard Quinn

Dallas Shier


Bill Rigutto, Union Counsel

Jerry Woods, Membership Services Officer


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