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Chartwell makes an unacceptable offer

Update for Local 047 Chapter 062, Chartwell Wescott

Feb 24, 2023

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Your negotiating team met with the employer on Feb. 17 to resume bargaining. 

Chartwell offered us a disappointing and unacceptable monetary proposal. In fact, the employer offered us less than what workers at other Chartwell sites have. 

Other Chartwell workers recently received several improvements through arbitration. But Chartwell offered us less even though the other Chartwell agreements have been used as a starting point for negotiations so far. 

The employer also offered many other proposals, but as a “package” deal. This means we would have to agree to the full package of proposals or none of them. 

The employer’s proposals are unacceptable. If they are not willing to meet our needs on sick leave, vacation, benefits, shift differentials, and other important issues, then we cannot accept their package. 

Your team is meeting to prepare a counterproposal on March 8. We will then meet with the employer again on March 9. 

Please contact a member of your negotiating team if you have any questions. Make sure you receive the latest bargaining updates and union news by signing up at 



Jingle Sicat  

Auramae Pascual  

Charesse Barredo  


Kate Robinson, Negotiator  

Michelle Szalynski, Organizer  

Alexander Delorme, Communications 

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