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AUArts bargaining update: Talks to resume Dec. 6

Negotiations cordial so far, but challenges remain

Oct 13, 2021

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Your negotiating committee was scheduled to meet with the employer on Sept. 22 and 23, 2021. It was mutually agreed to cancel the dates, due to the rising case counts of COVID-19 and managing the logistics of the new restrictions brought in by the Government of Alberta.

We have now agreed to meet with the employer on Dec. 6. Your negotiating team is committed to approaching this process through discussions on shared interests and our proposals reflect that approach.

To date, negotiations have been cordial and the employer has been willing to listen. We have come to agreement on numerous articles.

We have managed to sign-off:

  • Article 3 – Application;
  • Article 6 – Union Membership and Dues Check Off;
  • Article 13 – Grievance Procedure;
  • Article 14 – Personnel File;
  • Article 17 – Job Opportunities;
  • Article 18 – Pay Affecting Transfers, Promotions or Demotions;
  • Article 19 – Attendance and Notice of Resignation; and
  • Article 44 – Printing of Agreement

These articles were not opened and renewed with no changes:

  • Article 2 – Jurisdiction;
  • Article 4 - Management Recognition;
  • Article 5 - Union Stewards;
  • Article 7 * Employer-Union Relations;
  • Article 9 - Time Off for Union Business;
  • Article 23 - Split Shifts;
  • Article 25 - Standby Pay;
  • Article 26 - Call Back Pay;
  • Article 29 - Workers' Compensation Supplement; and
  • Article 40 - Indemnification

We still face many challenges at the table. While we haven't seen rollbacks yet, we expect to see many of the same ones that have been tabled at other post-secondary institutions.

Please ensure your contact information is up to date by filling out the Member Information Update Form to receive future updates.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the negotiating team and we will be happy to respond.

Your Negotiating Committee

Lisa Cerny:
Fong Ku:
Jocelyn Reid:

AUPE staff resources

Christian Tetreault, negotiator:
Terry Inigo-Jones, communications:

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