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Special Areas Board comes back to the bargaining table

Talks resume after member rejection of last contract offer

Nov 19, 2021

Talks resume after member rejection of last contract offer

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Your negotiating team finally had a virtual meeting with the Employer on Nov. 9. We had been requesting a meeting since you voted to reject the contract offer in mid-September.

We got off to a bit of a slow start, but eventually had a positive exchange of ideas before we ran out of time in the day. 

Work has continued, and the Employer requested a short amount of additional time to develop and present a counteroffer to your negotiating team.

We continue to be positive and hopeful and trust the Employer will come forward with a contract offer that recognizes your hard work. 

We don't have any hard details right now, but want to let the member know the Employer is finally back at the table with us striving for a new contract. We hope to receive a reasonable counteroffer we can bring to the membership soon and continue to work hard to achieve that.

Special Areas Board negotiating team 
Paulette Pratt: or 403-664-0549 
Clint Nicholson: or 403-854-1056 
Robin Lacelle: or 403-363-9855   

AUPE resource staff 
Christian Tetreault, negotiator:
Tracy Noble, organizer:
Celia Shea, communications:


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