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Living Waters Catholic Schools tables aggressive final offer

Update for Local 071 Chapter 012, Living Waters Catholic Schools

Jan 13, 2023

We need to show them we’re prepared to fight back

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As we reported in our last update, our Employer has provided us with an aggressive “Final Offer” at mediation on December 1st that would cut into our Health Spending Account and implement two-tier wages for Educational Assistants. While we did not agree to their offer, we did tell them we would consult with our members. Since that time, we’ve been having conversations about the substance of the Employer’s proposal and what we’ve heard is a resounding “No, this agreement is not acceptable.”

We suspect our Employer might not listen to us because we’ve already told them their final offer wouldn’t be accepted by members. So we will put it to a vote, and all members will all have a chance to have your say.

All votes will be anonymous and only the final result will be shared with the Employer to let them know how we feel as a bargaining unit. This is your opportunity to have a say.

A strong “No” vote is a strong message to the Employer to return to the table. It would confirm what many have already been telling us: that this agreement isn’t good enough, that we won’t be divided on the wage grid, and we won’t accept cuts to our Health Spending Account.

We hope this mandate will persuade our Employer to negotiate at the table rather than trying to play games and get around the elected negotiating team.

This is NOT a strike vote. We are simply trying to let the Employer hear the voices we are already listening to. We’ve heard you say that teachers converted their Health Spending Account to a Flexible Spending Account without a 21% cut, why are we being treated different? We’ve heard you say that EAs doing the same work shouldn’t have two separate pay rates. We’ve said that to our Employer. Now it is your turn.

Voting will open on Wednesday, January 18 and close at midnight on Thursday, January 26. You will be sent a link to the ballot by email, so make sure your contact information is up to date and you are watching your email. Talk to your co-workers, if they didn’t get this update, we might not have the correct address or any address at all. Contact one of us to make sure that we can get you the link to the vote.


Jane Arndt (Edson) or 780-725-1912 (cell)

Laurie Martinot (Whitecourt) or 780-706-5857 (cell)

Rhonda Chatman (Whitecourt) or 780-706-706-0707 (cell)


Merryn Edwards, Negotiations or 780-952-1951 (cell)

Kate Robinson, Negotiations

Scott Drake, Organizing or 604-417-9166 (cell)

Mimi Williams, Communications

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