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AGLC: Informal mediation in process

Update for Local 050, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis

Nov 22, 2022

Progress made following the rejection of the TA

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On October 14, your negotiating team determined that a majority of members had voted to reject the tentative agreement and immediately began planning our next steps to ensure we get a deal that all members approve of. The survey that you completed in late October has been key in determining members’ priorities as we entered informal mediation with a few improved demands. 

Mediation with Mediator Mia Norrie occurred on November 19 and 20 and will continue on November 26 and 27. If informal mediation fails, we will proceed to negotiate and file an Essential Services Agreement (ESA). Once that is completed, we will enter formal mediation where the parties will again attempt to achieve a negotiated agreement with the assistance of a mediator.    

There is the possibility of formal mediation failing as well. In that event, we will take a strike vote and prepare for a potential strike action or the possibility that the employer may enact a lock out. It is important to note that with changes to the Labour Relations Act, we no longer have arbitration as an option.  

We ask that you update your grey cards with any new information, such as an address change, immediately so that all members can vote in the event we reach another tentative agreement. Please use this link (AUPE Grey Card) and follow the instructions to complete or provide changes to your Grey Card. This information is only used to contact you directly by AUPE, Local 050 and your negotiating team.  

Please send the completed and signed form to an AUPE office by mail or send a picture or scanned copy to You may contact Membership Services directly to assist in updating your Grey Card at 1-800-232-7284, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. 

Your negotiating team remains committed to advocating for your needs through mediation and welcomes any questions or input you may have. 



Jason Bates

Jennifer Clavette

Nick Nigro 

Dave Klein

Peter Snowdon 

Todd Stearns 


James Mitchell Negotiations 

Lisa Baylis Membership Services Officer 

Mimi Williams Communications 

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