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Rivercrest Lodge: One day of bargaining and we reached an agreement!

Bargaining Update Rivercrest Lodge Local 048 Chapter 036

Oct 17, 2022

Details about the ratification vote will be available soon

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Your negotiating team met with the employer on October 7, 2022 and we were able to reach a Tentative Agreement. The Employer came to the table hoping to get the deal done in one day, and they brought some money with them to help make that happen.
Tentative Agreement highlights:

Term April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2024
·      April 1, 2019 2.5% increase retroactive to April 1, 2019
·      April 1, 2020 0%
·      April 1, 2021 0%
·      October 1, 2022 6.10 - 6.15% increase retroactive to October 1, 2022 (matches AHS October 1, 2021. Difference in percentage accounts for different amounts required to bring each step to equivalent with AHS).
·      October 1, 2023 1.25% increase (matches AHS September 1, 2022) [LA3]
-Covid lump sum payment of 1% for all hours worked in 2021.
- Ability to pyramid premium payments
- Increase in shift differential premiums:
·      Evening: $2.25 to $2.50
·      Night: $2.25 to $3.00
·      Weekend: $2.25 to $2.50
- National Day for Truth and Reconciliation added as a Named Holiday
- Reimbursement for payment for sick notes to a maximum of $40 (currently $0)
- Special leave language changed from “circumstances of pressing necessity” to “personal reasons”
- Increase paid Domestic Violence leave from 3 days to 5 days.
- Increase Named Holiday pay for PT employees from 4% to 5%.
- Part-time Sick Leave accrual increased from 1 day per month to 1.25 days per month.
- New Severance language provides twice as much as required by Employment Standards.
We are still working out details for the ratification vote and will advise you once those are confirmed. If you have co-workers who do not receive our e-mails, please encourage them to update their information here:

If you have any questions about this update, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team.

Vinish George
Tendai Nyamukondiwa
Kate Robinson Negotiations
Mimi Williams Communications

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