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Bargaining update: Revera McConachie Gardens, 047/058, all staff

Bargaining begins

Jun 02, 2021

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On May 18, 19, 27 and 28 your negotiations team met with the employer to begin bargaining for our first collective agreement. The meetings were productive, and we made good headway on our non-monetary items. 

The provisions we agreed to include: 


  • This is a general statement of the collective agreement’s purpose, which is to establish the terms of conditions of your employment and the nature of the relationship between the employer, the employees, and the union. It also recognizes that the conditions of work impact the conditions of care for residents.  

Union Membership and Dues Deduction 

  • Outlines the process for the employer to send union dues and information about members to the union. However, no dues will be deducted until a first collective agreement is signed. 

Union Stewards 

  • Outlines the rights and the role of members who take AUPE training to represent their coworkers. We encourage all members to take advantage of the excellent courses AUPE offers, even if you don’t become a steward. The first course is Introduction to Your Union, which is available online. 

Grievance Procedure 

  • Provides a mechanism for resolving disputes or alleged violations of the collective agreement. 

Employee Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)  

  • This article establishes a joint committee with the employer to discuss workplace issues, outside of collective bargaining. After we have a collective agreement in place, consider nominating yourself or others for a seat on the EMAC.

These articles are standard protections in AUPE continuing-care agreements. We will continue to negotiate for provisions, both non-monetary and monetary, that will make your workplace a fairer, more respectful facility, where you and your coworkers have a voice. 

On Sept. 16, 17, 28 and 29, we will meet with Revera again to continue bargaining–first the non-monetary language, and then monetary items, including salaries. 

Important contacts 

As bargaining continues, you have a right to union representation. If your manager calls you into a disciplinary meeting or if you have any concerns related to your rights as a union member, please contact your memberships services officer (MSO) Guy Quenneville at 780-237-8253 or

It’s critical that you stay connected to your AUPE representatives and negotiations team members. By communicating with us, your negotiating team, you will help us represent you at the table and negotiate a collective agreement that truly serves you. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about how we can build our collective strength, don’t hesitate to contact us. And remember to attend your virtual Annual General Meeting at 3 pm, Wednesday. 



Corrina May Ominayak        780-340-9054 | 

Mary Symborski        403-483-1216 |  

Desiree Bailey            780-905-5491 |  


Ruthessa (Tessa) Chua        587-340-0260 | 

Shannique O'Connor        780-239-8728 |   



Merryn Edwards, Negotiations            780-952-1951 |   

Guy Quenneville, Membership Services Officer    780-237-8253 |  

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing             403-634-8262 |   

Celia Shea, Communications                780-720-8122 | 


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