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Bargaining Update: EMCON Local 118/024, 025, 026, 027

EMCON has yet to schedule next bargaining meetings.

Jul 15, 2020

Bargaining stalled – waiting for the employer to come to the table

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Bargaining has been at a standstill since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Albertans’ day-to-day lives.

With the pandemic ongoing, we have arranged to host future bargaining meetings through electronic video conferencing.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the employer to respond to our request for scheduling meeting dates. We will continue contacting the employer to get back to the bargaining table as soon as possible, and we are prepared to take action if they do not respond to our requests.
It’s important to avoid listening to rumours during bargaining. If you have questions, be sure to ask a member of your bargaining team or AUPE resource staff to get the facts. Your bargaining team and AUPE resource staff will make sure your voices are heard at the bargaining table now and moving forward.

118/024,025,026,027 EMCON Negotiations Team

Brad Guhle 780-678-4044
Bernie Quinn 780-207-0597
Greg Jackson 780-206-7000
Robert Bancroft 403-820-1776

AUPE Resource Staff

Jason Rattray Negotiator
Berend Wilting MSO
Alexander Delorme Communications


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