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AUPE writes to the High Commissioner for Pakistan

Demands the immediate release of labour activist Amar Fayaz and justice for all Pakistani people

Dec 18, 2020

An injury to one is an injury to all

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Today (Dec. 18), AUPE Vice-President and Chair of the Human Rights Committee Bobby-Joe Borodey wrote and emailed High Commissioner Raza Bashir Tamar in solidarity with unionists, activists and labour organizations across the world who are banding together to demand justice for Amar Fayaz, who was abducted by security officials on Nov. 8.

Amar is an active workers' rights advocate and activist for post-secondary students in Pakistan. His disturbing state-sanctioned disappearance is not unusual. We're hearing more and more stories like his, demonstrating the extent to which the Pakistani government fears dissent - so much it's willing to torture, jail, and intimidate anyone who stands up for basic human rights.

AUPE, along with other unions, is standing in solidarity with all Pakistani workers and demanding the immediate release of Amar Fayaz, the most recent victim of this tyrannical regime. To read AUPE's letter to the High Commissioner, download the PDF.

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