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AUPE Environment Committee Eco Star Award 2021

Nominate an AUPE Environment champion

Jun 11, 2021

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The Environmental Committee is asking for nominations for the Eco-Star Award. Please consider nominating an AUPE member who has contributed to ecologically or environmentally friendly initiatives either professionally, personally or within their community. As their nominator, you may be asked to introduce and give a brief presentation (videos or photos) about the recipient to the convention. Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2021.


  • Did the member introduce or champion environmental initiatives in their worksites, their communities or at various levels of government or non-governmental agencies? 
  • Was this an environmental educational initiative?
  • Are these issues/campaigns with a high level of environmental recognition/exposure?
  • Do actions of the nominee (of an environmental nature) directly affect AUPE members and our worksites? 
  • Does this involve environmental campaigns that have the greatest impact for our members (to educate, activate, or the greatest reduction in carbon footprint, or greatest increase in reduce/reuse/recycle)?

Nominations should be submitted to the Environmental Committee Chair via the Staff Advisor Farid Iskandar. All completed forms (see below) and/or video submissions can be emailed to Nomination should be 500 words or less and describe the contribution of the member. Please attach any additional supporting documents as required. Both the person making the nomination and the person being nominated must be current AUPE members in good standing

*All nominees and their achievements will be reviewed by the committee prior to receiving the award. 

**Only the recipient of the award and their nominator will be notified of the outcome, by November 1st. 

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