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Alberta government to vacate controversial Melcor Centre

But workers and Albertans may be stuck there for three years

Jun 22, 2022

But workers and Albertans may be stuck there for three years

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The Government of Alberta (GOA) has decided it will not renew its lease of office space at Lethbridge’s controversial Melcor Centre, but members of the public and workers face three more years of danger.
“Our members are pleased that after years of pressure to get them out of this building, the government has finally decided to move out, but it’s extremely disappointing to see how long this will take,” says Darren Graham, vice-president of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), which represents 95,000 working Albertans, including more than 250 employed by the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services (AHS) at the Melcor Centre.
The Melcor Centre has been plagued by floods for years and on some occasions these have led to ceiling tiles collapsing on workspaces.
The Government of Alberta leases space where children’s services workers meet families and children to provide vital services. There are also GOA workers in the courts system in the building. Alberta Health Services (AHS) also has space in the facility where AUPE members and the public come together.
“There was another flood in the last two weeks, making at least four instances this year alone. It’s almost inevitable that there will be more problems and therefore more danger to people inside,” says Graham. “It’s clear that the landlord is either unwilling or unable to fix these issues.”
He adds: “We are urging the GOA to find another location immediately, rather than wait until May 2025 when its lease expires. We also urge the government to let members work remotely wherever possible. No one wants to see a worker or member of the public get injured.”
AUPE is in contact with AHS about the continuing problems, but there has heard nothing from the employer on its intentions.
AUPE VP Darren Graham is available for comment.
For information, please contact Terry Inigo-Jones, communications officer at 403-831-4394 or


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