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AHS to kill jobs in laundry, food retail, and protective services

Bargaining Update: AHS General Support Services, Locals: 054, 056, 057, 058, 095, and Lamont Health Care Centre GSS

Apr 30, 2021

AHS to kill jobs in laundry, food retail, and protective services

We can't trust Tyler!

On April 27, AHS announced K-Bro Linen Systems had been selected to take over all remaining in-house AHS laundry services. This privatization scheme will kill 428 of our jobs across the province.

AUPE also received letters from AHS with news that AHS is considering contracting out remaining ancillary retail food services as well as protective services “optimization.” AHS says contracting out retail food services would axe 237 jobs across nine sites. 34 protective services jobs would be contracted out while 6 would be axed through attrition.

This is devastating news for AHS GSS members and all Albertans. Privatization rips jobs away from our communities and compromises the quality of care Albertans receive. For Premier Kenney and Health Minister Shandro to enact this job-killing scheme in the middle of a pandemic is unconscionable.

Your negotiating team is here to support you, and we are preparing to launch several initiatives to fight back, get AUPE members involved, and show Albertans how much our jobs matter to the services they depend on.

Sign AUPE’s petition calling for Tyler Shandro to resign

Join the fight against the UCP government’s health care privatization scheme. Sign AUPE’s petition to demand Health Minister Tyler Shandro resign!

Someone who puts health care heroes out of work during a pandemic is not fit to be our Health Minister. But Shandro’s recklessness doesn’t stop there: he has also attacked Alberta doctors, ripping up their contract, breaking their trust, and even yelling at one of them in their driveway.

This petition is just the latest way to show your solidarity and stand up for AHS GSS jobs. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to fight back coming soon, including car rallies, social media and video campaigns.

Until then, be sure to sign the petition!

Create a MyAUPE account for AHS GSS news and updates

Create your own personal MyAUPE account on to make sure you receive all AHS GSS bargaining news and important union updates. You will also need a MyAUPE account to participate in this year’s annual general meetings and elections, so be sure to sign up to get more involved in our union!

Please talk to your negotiating team members or AUPE resource staff if you have any questions. Contact your Local’s negotiating representatives to see how you can get involved and make sure you and your co-workers are informed. We are here to support you.

AHS GSS Negotiating Team

Local 054
Julie Woodford -  
Charity Hill (A) -

Local 056  
Tammy Lanktree –

Local 057  
Darren Graham -  
Wendy Kicia (A) - 

Local 058  
Anton Schindler -  
Dave Ibach (A) - 

Local 095  
Stacey Ross -
Dusan Milutinovic (A) - 

Lamont Health Care Centre GSS 
Jessica Kroeker - 
Carol Palichuk -
AUPE Resource Staff for AHS GSS 

Chris Dickson, Lead Negotiator -  
Jason Rattray, Negotiator -  
Farid Iskandar, Organizer -  
Kate Jacobson, Organizer -  
Darcy Thiessen, Organizer –
Alexander Delorme, Communications -

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