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AHS GSS Retail Food Services Town Halls on November 10

AHS wants to contract retail food services in Edmonton and Calgary, and the effects could be felt province wide. Join the town halls and help fight back!

Nov 02, 2021

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Alberta Health Services wants to contract out retail food services at facilities in Edmonton and Calgary. Hundreds of jobs are on the line and losing them could even affect patient food services. The time to fight back is now.

AUPE is holding two Zoom Town Halls on Wednesday, November 10 to update you on how our meetings with AHS have gone and what we can do next to save our jobs.

AUPE Vice-President Kevin Barry, Local 095 Chair David Choy, and your Article 40 Committee will be there to answer your questions. Please use the links below or call in to join the town hall at the time that works best for you.

Town Hall 1

Town Hall 2

Please note that you will be unable to ask questions if you join the town halls by calling in.

Please contact your Article 40 Committee members or AHS GSS AUPE resource staff if you have any questions.

Article 40 Committee Members

Kim Berry,
Venangapi Katjamana,
Kevin Barry, AUPE Vice-President,

AUPE Resource Staff

Chris Dickson, Negotiator,
Jason Rattray, Negotiator,
Kate Jacobson, Organizer Calgary-South,
Margaret Kapuwa, Organizer Central
Tracy Noble, Organizer Edmonton-North
Alexander Delorme, Communications,

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