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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

AHS GSS Bargaining: Little movement at the table; take our new survey!

Bargaining Update for AHS GSS members, Locals 054, 056, 057, 058, 095

May 01, 2024

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Your negotiating team met with the employer on April 25 and 26.

Our conversations started well enough, but things got a little tense by day two. We made some progress on our non-monetary proposals, but not much to report.

Your team is working hard. We have created a new one question survey for all AHS GSS members to answer.

Please check your email for the link to the survey. The deadline to complete the survey is 11:45 PM, May 8.

If you have not received the survey in your email, please request it by contacting a member of your negotiating team, whose information is at the bottom of this update.

It is time to start having serious conversations about what the membership is willing to do to fight for what we deserve.

Next meetings are May 27 and 28

Support your team and have some fun! Wear red on our next bargaining dates, May 27 and 28, to show your solidarity.

Send photos of you and your coworkers wearing red to so the union can share them on social media. We love to see them!

Know your rights, enforce your rights

A collective agreement is a powerful tool, and you have the right to a physical copy. Your employer must provide a paper copy to you upon request. Each and every member is entitled to their own copy of the collective agreement, so don’t be shy about asking for one.

Knowing your rights is important, especially during bargaining – request a copy of your collective agreement, read it, and enforce it.

Please contact your negotiating team if you have any questions. Be sure to contact the negotiating team member who represents your Local.

AHS General Support Services Negotiating Team

Local 054  

Charity Hill

Christine Madigan (A)

Local 056  

Juanita Cozicar

Kristina Javorsky (A)

Local 057  

Wendy Kicia

Janice Drader (A)

Local 058  

Dave Ibach

Marlin Meyer (A)

Local 095  

Anna Silva

James Sullivan (A)

Lamont Health Care Centre  

Carol Palichuk

Sherri-Lee Berezanski (A)


AUPE Resource Staff

Chris Dickson, Lead Negotiator

Kate Robinson, Negotiator

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  • Bargaining updates


  • 054 - AHS Edmonton Zone GSS
  • 056 - AHS North Zone GSS
  • 057 - AHS Central Zone GSS
  • 058 - AHS Southern Zone GSS
  • 095 - AHS Calgary Zone GSS


  • Health care

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