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Agecare Walden Heights: Frustration grows with employer's practices

Bargaining Update for Agecare Walden Heights GSS Local 084 Chapter 006

Jun 16, 2023

Employer’s intention to delay negotiations becomes clear

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The employer's approach to negotiations has grown more and more unreasonable over time, building frustration among your negotiating team. While initially expressing a desire to reach an amicable resolution, the employer returned to the table with no improvements to the subpar offer.  

Your negotiating team continued to bargain in good faith, revising our offer during the informal mediation process. Once again, the employer failed to deliver on initial willingness to work with us. Despite stating that a counteroffer would be provided, weeks passed without any contact. The employer then sent an offer with no improvements, although they are well aware of recent settlements across the province have more than what is currently on the table. Their lack of engagement clearly shows a concerted effort to delay negotiations without reaching a resolution. Your negotiating team has seen that the employer does not value us as workers and will not stand for these tactics anymore. We have completed an Essential Services Agreement (ESA) application and applied for formal mediation. Formal mediation seems to be the only way this employer reaches agreements as they do not value your work and lack the basic principles of negotiating in good faith. They let a mediator or arbitrator decide since they do not value you as workers but merely consider you pawns to increase shareholder and owner profits. 

We are resolute and determined to fight for fair treatment and an equitable agreement that reflects the value of our work. With the rising cost of living and financial hardships faced by all members, it is necessary for the employer to provide a reasonable proposal that allows for a decent standard of living. We will continue to advocate for all members and seek a just resolution. 


Joyce Shangarai 

Eli Soysa 

Alex Bundalian 


Christian Tetreault Negotiations or 403-978-7913(cell) 

Christine Yargeau-Becker Organizing  

Kavi Chahal Communications

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