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AgeCare Seton: Bargaining begins for first contract

Welcome to AUPE! It's time to bargain.

Sep 03, 2021

Bargaining Update: Local 048, Chapter 052

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Welcome to AUPE. Membership has so many advantages. And we understand the many good reasons why you chose to join AUPE. Your bargaining team is excited to negotiate your first contract and make your workplace better for all of us.

Words matter! A collective agreement enshrines and applies the guidelines on everything that is important to our co-workers. The value of strong and effective collective agreement language is essential to successfully administering and defending your collective agreement.
We have prioritized the member’s expectations for collective bargaining and the needs of our membership for their future job security and sustainable employment.

Your bargaining committee has been planning and developing strategies for collective bargaining. At our first meeting on August 26, your bargaining committee reiterated for the employer your priorities - like

  • Maintaining the current master rotation with no changes to position lines
  • The importance of Seton seniority
  • A 360-degree evaluation program which includes management
  • Full staffing complements on each neighbourhood
  • Retroactivity and compensation adjustments
  • Improving differentials, premiums and wages
  • The fact that we will not agree to a two tier compensation system

We exchanged proposals on August 26 and the employer’s proposals were very limited. They made no proposal on any monetary items.

We advised the employer our members are not interested in ratifying a collective agreement, which ‘underbargains” internal and external wages and total compensation. We were very clear with the employer the members at SkyPointe, Glenmore, Sagewood and Sunrise Gardens will not ratify the employer’s last tabled offer, which the employer is seeking to use as a model for your first contract.

The employer’s last tabled offer at SkyPointe, Glenmore, Sagewood and Sunrise Gardens is unrealistic (considering costs of living), impractical (does not address workload and short staffing issues) and dangerous (considering the COVID 19 pandemic and one site exclusive employment) for our members. The employer’s last tabled offer is unsustainable in the Calgary internal and external labour markets.

We have reviewed comparative first collective agreements like Retirement Concepts Millrise, Covenant Care St. Marguerite Manor and other first contract/ enhanced mediator recommendations and monitored first collective agreement bargaining at Brenda Strafford Wentworth Manor and Signature Rocky Ridge. We have analyzed other mature collective agreements in the Calgary marketplace to find ideas and concepts for improving your workplace based upon ‘tried and true’ methods from other workplaces.

Unfortunately the employer’s bargaining spokesperson is no longer employed at AgeCare and the employer has hired a collective bargaining spokesperson contractor to bargain on their behalf. We keep you updated about future scheduled bargaining dates.

As part of our responsibilities, we will develop a communications plan to engage our members in the bargaining process.

Membership engagement

Member mobilization is about engaging each member, keeping each other informed about collective bargaining and the measure of progress in achieving a fair and reasonable first collective agreement.

Member mobilization is about energizing each member, organizing ourselves to participate in the bargaining process and activating the AUPE membership when we need to take further action.

Successful bargaining will only happen because of you! It is critical that you support your bargaining committee!

Never believe rumors. Verify any rumors by contacting your bargaining committee members and confirming the facts. For example, you do not start paying union dues until you ratify your first collective agreement.

Education is important and knowledge is power. Each member has full access to attend and participate in AUPE education courses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding mobilizing, education or information in general please contact your AUPE Organizer Jaime Urbina at 1-800- 232-7284 or at his number provided below.

Union Representation

It is important to remember you work in a unionized workplace and you are legally entitled to union representation, advocacy, counsel and advice. You are protected by the Labour Relations Code.

You are entitled to union representation when you request it. When the employer requests to meet with you and you feel that you require union representation, make that request before the meeting begins or during the meeting..

We can provide assistance and representation on employment and labour relations matters, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) matters, and Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) matters.

Never hesitate to contact your Membership Services Officer, Angela Regnier. If you have any questions, any concerns or require representation, advice, counsel or advocacy. Please call your AUPE Membership Services Officer (MSO) at 1-800- 232-7284 or at her number provided below.

If you have questions or comments please contact any member of your bargaining committee.

Your Negotiations Team
Jo Ana Bartolo:   
Neliza Flores:  
Darius Aguilar:
Maria Yadao:
Anna Yap:
Josephine Carlos:

AUPE Staff Resources
ORGANIZER- Jaime Urbina: 587-599-7557,
MEMBERSHIP SERVICES OFFICER: Angela Regnier:  403- 702-0514,
NEGOTIATOR - John Wevers: 780-238-4767,


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