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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

Recognizing Black History Month

Honouring and reflecting on the history, achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and Albertans.

Jan 24, 2023

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Alberta recognizes Black History Month every February but we experience the contributions of Black Canadians every single day.

Like when we celebrate Black trailblazers like Annie Saunders, who embodied the entrepreneurial spirit in the 1800s among settlers on Indigenous territories now known as the province of Alberta.

Or when we experience the rich cultural mosaic of Alberta’s African, Caribbean, and Black communities thanks to people like Damion Gallimore. A network analyst in Edmonton, who created resources like JamaicaYEG to promote Jamaican businesses and events across the city.

And when we march alongside people like Andrew Parker, a teacher, athlete, and activist committed to community empowerment by working to improve representation, communication, inclusion and networking for Black teachers in Alberta.

These contributions – and so many more – have made our province a better place for everyone.

But there are many stories of oppression, enslavement, racism and discrimination of Black Canadians that are often underrepresented and unknown.

That’s why it’s essential to share these stories – to see the full picture of our province and country's history.

Today and every day, AUPE recommits to supporting Black Albertans by sharing their stories and taking action like pushing for decent jobs, fair wages, and safer and inclusive workplaces.

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