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Continuing Education for Stewards

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Continuing Education for Stewards

Labour School 2022 - Continuing Education for Stewards

Course Description

Continuing Education for Stewards builds on the skills of grievance handlers and overall activists. This course provides practice of these skills through examination of case studies and discussion on direct action alternatives.

This course is for active union stewards who:

  • Have experience in handling grievances
  • Want to build their reading, writing and research skills
  • Want to practice presentation skills for grievance hearings and direct-action methods
  • Want to learn about Human Rights legislation and how to be able to identify and assist members who face discrimination at their workplace


Must be an active union steward

This course uses:

  • Guest speakers
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Individual assignments
  • A homework assignment and a follow-up assignment

Learning outcomes

  • Apply grievance handling steps
  • Demonstrate proficiency in completion of required grievance handling documents
  • Describe processes for the duty to accommodate
  • Recognize how different jurisdictions are applied to scenarios
  • Model appropriate behaviour in grievance hearings

Apply for Labour School 2022

Use the link below to apply for Labour School. If you have problems applying please contact Megan Atkinson at 1-800-232-7284 (ext. 3341) or