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Help stop this senseless privatization!

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The government is looking at privatizing the profitable Land Titles, Personal Property, and Corporate Registries.

We've stopped this bad idea before and we'll do it again!

How can you help?

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Write a letter to your MLA, especially if your MLA is a UCP MLA.

You can use your address to find out who your MLA is here and use the template provided below for your letter.

If you live in the Sherwood Park - Strathcona constituency, we encourage you to request a meeting with Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish.

You can email him at:

Write a letter to your MLA

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Dear [MLA name here],

I am a constituent living in [insert riding name here] and am writing to voice my opposition to your government’s plan to privatize our Alberta Land Titles and Personal Property and Corporate Registries Offices. I would like you to halt these plans and here are just a few reasons why:

Why boost corporate shareholders’ bottom lines instead of funding services for Albertans?

Alberta Land Titles, Personal Property, and Corporate Registries made $123 million profit for Albertans in 2020. As Alberta's economy rebounds, there is the potential for as much as $4.3 billion revenue to the province’s coffers over the 35-year term (as specified in the request for expressions of interest). Vital government services were never intended to turn a profit but why on earth would a government which claims to care so much about balancing the books hand over the few that actually do? That revenue could be invested in health care or education or improving services to Albertans in long-term and continuing care.

It will cost Albertans and businesses more

Privatizing Land Titles, Personal Property, and Corporate Registries services will only slow business down while costing users more. When other provinces privatized their Land Titles Offices, fees doubled or even tripled.

It jeopardizes Albertans’ property rights

Changes to the structure of the Land Titles, Personal Property, and Corporate Registries could remove proper oversight of these departments. Currently, Albertans who own property and the professionals who build, sell, and mortgage it can be assured that the Alberta government is responsible for the accuracy of land titles and are accountable, first, to Albertans. Can we trust an out-of-province, for-profit company to put Albertans first?

Your government needs to rethink its plans. What might appear to be a short-term gain could easily prove to be long term pain for Albertans. Please abandon this idea.

Name, Address, email


Write to Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish

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Write to Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish today and tell him to halt this plan: