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Members vote in favour of new collective agreements

Bargaining update for members at Bethany Care Society, Local 084 Chapters 009, 010, 011, 012, 014, 015, 017 

Nov 28, 2023

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AUPE members working for Bethany Care Society have new collective agreements after seven long years of bargaining. We and the employer ratified the agreements and are in the process of scheduling retro-pay for members.

There are now two master agreements for Bethany Care Society members: one agreement for members in nursing care (NC) and another agreement for members in general support services (GSS). Additionally, these are the first agreements for members working at Riverview, Mountview Lodge, and Sundre Supportive Living. Congratulations!

The new agreements include major improvements to overtime, shift scheduling, new promotions, and transfer language, as well as retroactive wage increases.

Your negotiating teams wish to thank you for all your support and solidarity. We could not have completed this round of bargaining without you! 


Please share this information with your former colleagues who are no longer Bethany employees. Former employees must apply by emailing Tammy Jakob at

The deadlines to email Tammy Jakob and apply for retroactive pay are the following:

MVSH Nursing Care: Nov. 28

Sundre Nursing Care: Nov. 29

Riverview Nursing Care: Dec. 10

All the other Nursing Care sites: Dec. 3

Airdrie GSS: Dec. 4

Calgary GSS: Dec. 3

Below is the schedule for when members will receive retroactive pay.

The following will be paid on pay period 24, November 23:

    NC: payment for the 1.0% increase effective October 1, 2021, for all sites except Sundre and Mount View Lodge (Olds)

    NC: payment for the 1.0% increase effective June 30, 2022, for Sundre 

    NC: payment for the 1.25% increase effective September 1, 2022, for all sites except Mount View Lodge (Olds)

    NC: payment for the 1.25% increase effective October 11, 2022, for Mount View Lodge (Olds)

    GSS: payment for the 1.0% increase effective April 1, 2019

    GSS: payment for the 1.25% increase effective September 1, 2022

    NC & GSS: COVID lump sum of 1% of your basic rate of pay for the hours you worked in 2021

    NC & GSS: wage rates as of date of ratification in effect


The following will be paid on pay period 25, December 7:

    NC & GSS:  payment for the 2.0% increase effective April 1, 2023

    GSS:  $1400 lump sum (pro-rated for part-time and casual)


Please contact a member of your negotiating team or AUPE Resource Staff if you have any questions.



Bethany - Airdrie GSS (084/009)

Eileen Booth or 403-771-6229

Bethany - Calgary GSS (084/010)

Davinder Bhatti or 403-991-9129

Margaret Billings or 403-978-8935



Bethany - Airdrie NC (084/009)

Sabrina Edwards or 403-837-2708

Jill Thompson or 403-874-0076

Bethany - Calgary NC (084/010)

Valerie Monkman or 403-460-8161

Aida Varela or 587-216-3936

Michelle Fluter or 403-836-4071

Harvest Hills NC (084/011)

Sharon Hoben or 403-813-9416

Mai Fang

 Tian or 403-397-3796

Davinder Manhas or 403-590-4884

Cochrane NC (084/017)

Beverly Dyck

Red Deer NC (084/015)

Lourdes Alberto or 403-872-3718

Cheryl Hoffman or 825-706-2770

Topaz Phang or 403-307-3280

Sylvan Lake NC (084/012)

Nadine Frederick or 403-391-6607

Josephine Covin or 403-505-8924

Didsbury NC (084/014)

Carrie Sears or 403-808-2713

Brenda Thomson or 587-436-3927

Teusdae Johnston or 403-439-0191



James Mitchell, Negotiations

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing

Christine Yargeau-Becker, Organizing


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