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2021's Virtual Annual General Meetings are here! AUPE members across Alberta will flex their people power at the Local, Chapter, and Area Council level and elect the coworkers they feel best represent them into component Officer positions and AUPE's Provincial Executive.

To ensure the health and safety of all members, we’re moving these democratic proceedings online, which means you’ll need to take a couple extra (easy) steps to participate in your AGM this year.

Create a personal AUPE (MyAUPE) account

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Whenever you visit, you may have noticed that you can sign in. Signing in to MyAUPE gives you access to a personalized website experience, specific to your sector, Local, and Chapter. 
To participate in your AGMs this year, you will need to create a MyAUPE account. It’s super easy to sign up. All you need is your 6-digit member ID and a personal email address.
Create an account now, so you’re ready for your AGM!
Can’t find your member ID?

Call the AUPE Member Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Joining your Virtual AGM

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All AUPE members will receive a mailed meeting notice when their AGM is scheduled. Members who have provided headquarters with an active email will also receive the notice by email.

Once you have created your personal MyAUPE account, here is how to join and participate in your AGM. You can also download a copy of these instructions.

Attending your AUPE Annual General Meeting

All members MUST create a personal MyAUPE account in order to attend all virtual AGM’s. A MyAUPE account IS NOT the same as the login used for AUPE education courses.

You will need your AUPE member ID to register. If you have forgotten your member ID, password, Chapter or Local number, please call the Member Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284 for assistance. 

Signing in

1.    After creating your personal account, visit and sign in to your MyAUPE account.
2.    Once you are signed in, click on the big blue button that says ‘Enter Virtual AGM.’ 
3.    You will have access to your Website Meeting Page. This is the page you will use for voting during the meeting.
4.    On this page, you will find a Zoom Link. Click it to enter the meeting.
5.    This meeting page will also have downloadable materials, like reports from your Chapter executive.

Zoom and Voting

You will use both Zoom and the website meeting page for your meeting. This means you will need two windows or tabs open on your laptop, desktop, iPad or mobile phone.

One window/tab will be for the Website Meeting Page, which all members will use for voting during the meeting.

The second window/tab will be for Zoom where all members will listen, view, and participate in the meetings.

For the best experience, we recommend you use your laptop or desktop to join your virtual AGM, but any smart device will do.

Here is a look at what Zoom and the Website Meeting Page will be used for during your meeting.


  • Watching the meeting
  • Call in from your phone to listen to the meetings (ideal if you have low band-width)
  • Click ‘Raise Hand’ to speak, and wait to be called on by the Chair. (on your zoom window you will see an option called ‘Raise Hand’)
  • Audio and video will be enabled so you can participate in the discussion when the meeting Chair recognizes you.
  • For the rest of the meeting, your audio and video will stay muted and turned off. This will help conserve bandwidth and help those with low bandwidth.

Website Meeting Page

  • Voting in elections and on budgets and motions
  • Downloading materials for the meetings
  • IT support information: We will have a Kiwi tech team phone number and an email for you to contact if you’re having any technical problems before or during the meeting

REFRESH your Website Meeting Page to vote! 

You will be using the Website Meeting Page to vote on elections, budgets, and motions. Once we have voted on one item during the meeting, you will need to refresh your Website Meeting Page to move on to the next item.

During the meeting, we will announce: “Please refresh your page.” Refreshing the Web-site Meeting Page will show you the next item we are voting on. You will need to refresh the page multiple times during the meeting.

You will have to click the Refresh button on the Website Meeting Page window/tab. The refresh button looks like an arrow moving in a clockwise direction, and is usually on the top left-hand corner of your internet browser.


To speak during the meeting, you need to click on the ‘Raise Hand’ option in Zoom and wait for the chair to address you before you can start speaking. A tech will enable your microphone and you may proceed. 

Tips and Best Practices for Joining your AGM

  • Please use a Laptop, Desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android phones to attend your AGM. Laptop and Desktop are preferred, but not necessary.
  • Check your internet connection before the meeting. If possible, use a wired internet connection (Ethernet cable), especially if you have bad Wi-Fi in your area.
  • If you connect using Wi-Fi internet, make sure you sit as close as possible to your wireless router.
  • If low bandwidth is an issue for you, you can also call in to the meeting using Zoom Dial-in. You will still need to use the Website Meeting Page to vote. The dial-in number will be available on the Website Meeting Page.
  • Headsets are helpful for hearing and speaking more clearly.
  • Log into the Website Meeting Page at least 15 minutes before your meeting time so you can identify any technical issues that you might be having and a Tech maybe able to assist you well ahead of your meeting start time.
  • Get comfortable with Zoom. We are using the zoom webinar platform and you will only have the options to type questions and raise your hand. You will be able to speak and show video when the chair calls upon you to speak. You will then need to unmute yourself.