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Access to comprehensive travel insurance plans

Johnson Insurance - MEDOC Travel Insurance
Discount description

If AUPE members, their families and AUPE staff like to travel, short-term, single trip travel insurance can add up and get expensive. An annual plan that protects you on multiple trips makes much more sense.

MEDOC Travel Insurance is a comprehensive emergency travel coverage plan that protects you throughout the year for any number of trips. 

MEDOC is only available through groups like AUPE, it is not available to the general public. 

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  • Insurance
  • Travel


  • Alberta-wide

Business info

Johnson Insurance - MEDOC Travel Insurance

Contact person
Jessica Simpson


Phone 1-866-606-3362

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*Offer open to AUPE members, their families, and AUPE employees. Please bring your AUPE membership card. Please identify yourself as an AUPE member, AUPE family member, or AUPE employee at time of inquiry.