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Creative Action

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Creative Action

Creative Action

Course Description

Creative action is Direct Action! Discover how to engage your co-workers through arts-based activism. This year’s course will focus on how to identify, strategize and execute action methods applicable to your workplace.

This course is for:

  • Members who are willing to learn through artistic participation to the fullest extent.
  • While not required, those who play an instrument are encouraged to bring them.


Must be an active union steward.

This course uses:

  • Various forms of artistic expression, including singing, video, theatre and visual art.
  • AUPE case studies to demonstrate previous campaigns and highlight wide ranging issues.
  • Direct action methods to enable execution of learned practices at workplace.
  • A class presentation of the creations developed over the course (on the last night of Labour School, presented to all participants at Labour School).

Learning outcomes

  • Discover how to develop messaging for direct action that focuses on workplace issues
  • Practice methods of artistic expression to bring concrete ideas for direct action back to workplace.
  • Using various art forms, create a group presentation to express what you have learned through the week, to be presented on the last evening of Labour School

Apply for Labour School 2022

Use the link below to apply for Labour School. If you have problems applying please contact Megan Atkinson at 1-800-232-7284 (ext. 3341) or